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We get a lot of questions about SEO here on, and no wonder — you work hard on your site and want to get the word out! SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO recommendations are intended to help your site rank higher and more accurately in search…


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First, people take to convenient shortcuts & then bewail missing moral highways -Aishwarya Posted from WordPress for Windows Phone

My Most Honest Confession

All my life, I have been hiding myself. This is not the real me. My visor is all titanium. I look like a stone-hearted and badass person on the outside, it looks like nothing can break me down or I have attitude but that’s not real.

Fight because

In the end all these struggles will become your strength. Every broken knuckle will be a souvenir, every drop of blood will fetch you respect and every stretch mark will be like a stripe on a triumphant tiger. -Aishwarya


Just close your eyes and think about the best day of your life Think about the lights, the colours, the flavours, Think of what you said and what was said to you, Think of what was around you and how you felt that day, Now breathe, open your eyes, and keep that  feeling. 🙂  Contact

The Photograph I Did Not Take

“…if I got up and raised my trigger finger to the shutter I would be stealing part of Abohane’s soul and chipping away at my own” –Mary Turner on the photo she didn’t take. via The Photograph I Did Not Take — Discover

What I Wish For This Birthday

I make a wish every year on my birthday hoping it will be heard some day. Sometimes when I’m empty-minded and while lying on my bed on those sleepless nights I think about You and about all those people who are not a part of my life anymore… I think about how it used to…

If it hurts you “LET GO”

  Oh no! is that him ?  I went a bit closer to take a deeper gaze. Yes it was him. He had changed so much over these years that I could not recognise him for a while. I stood there frozen and my hands and feet were numb. There was no sign of joy,…

New girl in the city.

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This city is just crazy. Whenever I see the backwaters at the Juhu beach it gives me a soothing feel after the flurry of activities that I go through the whole day. I’m sure this place… Source: New girl in the city.