My Most Honest Confession

All my life, I have been hiding myself. This is not the real me. My visor is all titanium. I look like a stone-hearted and badass person on the outside, it looks like nothing can break me down or I have attitude but that’s not real.
The real side is a fragile, vulnerable, Submissive Me. I get affected with those judgements, those comments, that image people make without even knowing Me, and I swear they tear me into shards. Why do I have to act all the time to please people? Why can’t they accept Me the way I am? Why do I have to change? I hide this side of me because I don’t want people to think that I’m weak and I make sure I never let it show. But it cuts me real deep.
I do not know how am I going to deal with this further but I definitely know one day I will not have to make things clear, or satisfy anyone. I won’t be answerable to anyone and my attribute will speak for itself. I will be a person of considerable prominence.

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