If it hurts you “LET GO”


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Oh no! is that him ?  I went a bit closer to take a deeper gaze. Yes it was him. He had changed so much over these years that I could not recognise him for a while. I stood there frozen and my hands and feet were numb. There was no sign of joy, sadness, rage or any other emotion on my face because it was so strange for me to see him out of nowhere on an airport. We had been together for 5 long years but this didn’t make me any less hesitant to go on and talk to him. He owed me a lot of answers but it was pretty awkward at a place like that to interrogate your EX !”Should I go and talk to him? But what if he started behaving weird and showed up no interest in talking to me?” were some thoughts that were flowing through my mind as I continued gazing at his face. Just then he looked towards Me. For a moment it was all still and I stood there all blank. We said nothing and he just smiled at Me and this gesture from him convinced me to go 10 steps forward. With every step that I took towards him I could feel my anxiety growing and the anger fading away. I had made up my mind that the day I see him again, he would be a dead man but, when that day finally came I could say nothing. We had a casual conversation and asked about each others’ whereabouts. And went to our respective terminals.”Some things are better left unsaid”.

I could not say anything that day but I’m happy that I didn’t. We’re both grown-ups and it wouldn’t be good if we cling to the things that hurt us. IF IT HURTS YOU LET GO OF IT.There’s no point being miserable about something that can’t be fixed.

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